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Image by Tanner Boriack

Kyle Jaunich

2nd year graduate student

Email: kyle.t.jaunich[at]

B.S. in Chemistry (2022)

Villanova University

Advisor: Ed Casillas

About Kyle

Kyle was born in California but grew up in rural Vermont. He started his collegiate experience at the US Naval Academy before an injury forced his transfer. After spending a year contracting with special operations combat divers, Kyle transferred to Villanova University where he received his BSc in Chemistry in 2022. While at Villanova he worked towards the total synthesis of caespitate, an acylated phloroglucinol under Prof. Ed Casillas. After a brief stint working in the pharmaceutical industry at Polysciences on custom synthesis, Kyle began his graduate degree at Vanderbilt where he will work on the total synthesis of biologically active natural products. 

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